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Project “I am” is an 8 week course to look in-depth at who we are inside ourselves. How we feel, how we listen, how we grow. The meditations and insights carry us on a journey to discover the “who I am” labyrinth. It’s available for us to know where we can lead in our lives to create a reality more in tune with what we would like.

The program starts early Spring and will be taught over 8 weeks. If you cannot make a session a recording will be available. Each session is one hour and the last session 1.5 hrs, enough time for discussion after Week 8’s practice. I offer a 30min complimentary private session for each individual with the course. You are not obliged to take this, it is merely offered as a resource for assistance.

This program builds insight so you will feel shifts occurring. Whatever comes, this is the time to let it rise.

Provide yourself with plenty of rest for this process.

I ‘please say your name’ create a space of divine communion. Where only that which creates peace and joy resides. I call on the protection of Divine Grace to be present for my journeys. Thank you.

Course Information

When: every Saturday at 11am AEST from 3rd September to 22nd October.

Where: Zoom platform. Links are sent to your email before our meeting with any information relevant to the event. All recorded for future reference.

Week 1

Breathe scholar, lotus, runner

Week 2


Week 3

I’m a glowing spiritual energy

Week 4


Week 5

Let's Create

Week 6

Sacred Sacral

Week 7

It’s all about The Base

Week 8

Peyote Peace

Payment can be made at:

Rebecca Yates

Bsb 016498

Acc 568081499

Cost: $650

Attend the workshop

Please contact me to register.

Please share if you wish.

My hope is with enough people recognizing how and who they are in the world responsibly and uniquely for themselves, we create a beautiful place for us all to share our joy.

Peaceful world for all.

Enjoy this journey

We are wise, abundant and loving and it’s free to be this.

Thank you to the ever-loving spirits that guide my hands, my heart and my imagination, to evolve past the monotony of the commercial world into the land of sweet nectar and fields of eternal flowers. Energy of unification and Unconditional Love is now and forever. Become the movement of direct descendants of the peaceful people whose tribe is the spirit of the Earth.

Transform your Life through Self Love and Healing

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